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Our ded­i­cat­ed team of graph­ic design­ers have decades of expe­ri­ence design­ing every­thing from sin­gle page leaflets to 500 page cat­a­logues. We are able to work across all chan­nels to bring briefs to life. Whether it’s devel­op­ing the big idea’ for a cam­paign, or your day-to-day graph­ic design needs.

Graphic Design Projects:

Annu­al report pro­duc­tion for Soha Housing

We were pleased to be asked to pro­duce Soha’s annu­al report for a fourth suc­ce­sive year. Soha Hous­ing is a suc­cess­ful, award-win­ning, com­mu­ni­ty-based hous­ing asso­ci­a­tion work­ing in and around Oxfordshire.

Soha’s brief was to draw atten­tion to its accom­plish­ments over the last finan­cial year” and the dif­fer­ence Soha had made to res­i­dents lives, through their own words.

Cat­a­logue Design for Ocu­ra Health­care Furniture

Cat­a­logue Design for Ocu­ra’s vast range of health­care furniture

After the suc­cess of Micro­Graphix’ orig­i­nal design for Ocura’s main prod­uct cat­a­logue, we were again asked to design and art­work the lat­est issue.

At Micro­Graphix our first step is always to take the time to ful­ly under­stand our client’s prod­ucts and objec­tives. After work­ing close­ly with Ocu­ra on the detailed brief our cre­ative team set to work, deliv­er­ing on a com­pre­hen­sive list of require­ments includ­ing: pho­tog­ra­phy, graph­ic design, art­work­ing and print management.


Cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty and logo design for Amplivox

Logo design and cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty for Amplivox, spe­cial­ists in inno­v­a­tive audi­o­log­i­cal and occu­pa­tion­al health products.

Mag­a­zine adver­tis­ing design for Mid­land Stone Centre

A range of nation­al mag­a­zine adverts pro­mot­ing König­stone kitchen worktops.

König­stone is a fam­i­ly run busi­ness sup­ply­ing the high­est qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al to the kitchen and bath­room industry.

Our in-house design and pho­to­graph­ic teams worked close­ly, from the ini­tial con­cept stage, set-build and pho­tog­ra­phy, all the way through to fin­ished artwork.

Sev­ern Trent Green Pow­er brochure design

As brochure design­ers we were approached by Sev­ern Trent Green Pow­er to pro­duce a brochure high­light­ing their services.

Sev­ern Trent Green Pow­er is a mar­ket leader in Anaer­o­bic Diges­tion, renew­able ener­gy gen­er­a­tion, com­post­ing and the treat­ment of sewage sludge.

The brochure we cre­at­ed explains their ser­vices in a clear and sim­ple way, fol­low­ing the clien­t’s cor­po­rate ID, and includes a process dia­gram illustration.

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Toad Hall Day Nurs­ery brochure design

Design and pro­duc­tion of a 6 page brochure for Toad Hall Day Nurs­ery, a local nurs­ery that pro­vides Child Care from Birth to 5 years.

A hand out piece to give to prospec­tive par­ents telling them all the impor­tant infor­ma­tion about the nurs­ery, out­lin­ing the high lev­el of care they can expect for their chil­dren. Designed to match the style of the exist­ing nurs­ery website.

Prod­uct pack­ag­ing design for Allmakes

The first in a range of pack­ag­ing for All­makes’ Ter­rafir­ma brand­ed Range Rover accessories.

Micro­Graphix designed pack­ag­ing tai­lored to indi­vid­ual Ter­rafir­ma Range Rover acces­sories. Designed using a style we cre­at­ed for their mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al, the pack­ag­ing has a strong on-the-shelf presence. 

Logo design for The Cen­tre for Trans­la­tion­al Pharmacology

Micro­Graphix was asked to cre­ate a logo for The Cen­tre for Trans­la­tion­al Phar­ma­col­o­gy, a new­ly formed cen­tre at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Glasgow.

The client want­ed a logo that would reflect the work they do at the cen­tre, their links to the Uni­ver­si­ty, as well as rep­re­sent the area of Glasgow.

The logo com­bines the Glas­gow sky­line with G pro­tein-cou­pled recep­tors, which are involved in many dif­fer­ent dis­eases and are poten­tial drug tar­get for things like Alzheimer’s dis­ease and asthma.

Bio Genie bot­tle label design

Cus­tom labels for Bio Genie’s range of COVID clean­ing prod­ucts and anti-bac­te­r­i­al hand gels.

Logo design for The Lit­tle Blue Bakery

We were approached by an exist­ing client, to cre­ate a logo for a new chain of bakeries.

Although the bak­eries are new, the client want­ed a logo that looked estab­lished. We there­fore cre­at­ed a logo that looks like a seal’. The logo is cre­at­ed using two sub­tle pasty’ shapes, as this will be their main product.

Fanat­i­cal About Foot­ball cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty and logo design

Micro­Graphix was asked to cre­ate a logo for Fanat­i­cal About Foot­ball, a com­pa­ny that spe­cialis­es in sell­ing foot­ball shirts both old and new.

The client want­ed a logo that would work with or with­out a word­mark. We there­fore designed the logo with a foot­ball club style shield’ that could be used alone when neccessary.

Bespoke brand­ed card­board box pro­duc­tion for CAERvest

CAER­vest from Body­Chillz as the name implies, spe­cialis­es in design­ing, devel­op­ing and deliv­er­ing prod­ucts util­is­ing inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies that pro­vide cool­ing to the body when it is most need­ed or most effective.

Micro­Graphix designed a pack­ag­ing solu­tion tai­lored to their CAERvest’s prod­uct, cre­at­ing a pro­to­type that under­went rig­or­ous test­ing, to make sure it pro­vid­ed the prod­uct pro­tec­tion required.

Micro­Graphix part­nered with the UK’s lead­ing box man­u­fac­tur­er to pro­duce the box­es and project man­aged the pro­duc­tion process through to delivery.

All the prod­uct designs were cre­at­ed in our in-house stu­dio in Bices­ter, Oxford­shire. If you require brand­ed card­board box­es for your busi­ness, we would be hap­py to help.

Teknos Clean Kit pack­ag­ing & instruc­tion card design

Teknos turned to Micro­Graphix to design the pack­ag­ing and accom­pa­ny­ing instruc­tion card for their new clean kit.

This cus­tom box pack­ag­ing was designed with a strong visu­al pres­ence; fol­low­ing their new cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty guide­lines to com­ple­ment oth­er Teknos mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als. The box was designed to be as envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly as pos­si­ble. The box is made from board that has no coat­ing or lam­i­na­tion to enable it to be recy­cled at the end of its use­ful life. It also was care­ful­ly designed to ensure it pro­vid­ed the prod­uct with the nec­es­sary pro­tec­tion whilst being eco­nom­i­cal to produce.

All­makes’ Ter­rafir­ma brochure design

Pho­tog­ra­phy and design of a 6 page brochure for All­makes’ Ter­rafir­ma range of Land Rover upgrades and accessories.

For over 30 years, All­makes 4×4 has been sup­ply­ing high qual­i­ty Land Rover parts and acces­sories to parts busi­ness­es, work­shops, Gov­ern­ment Organ­i­sa­tions, Char­i­ties and NGOs across the world.

We sug­gest­ed a six page brochure with three page spreads to allow all the images and prod­ucts to be pre­sent­ed across a sin­gle spread to aid readability.

CP Elec­tron­ics prod­uct pack­ag­ing design

The first in a range of eco-friend­ly pack­ag­ing for CP Elec­tron­ics’ Green‑i products.

Micro­Graphix designed a range of pack­ag­ing solu­tions tai­lored to indi­vid­ual Green‑i prod­ucts. The pack­ag­ing designed with a strong visu­al pres­ence; using a style we cre­at­ed for their mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al, pro­vides the prod­ucts with the nec­es­sary protection.

To keep pro­duc­tion costs to a min­i­mum, we worked close­ly with the client and the box man­u­fac­tur­er to ensure the min­i­mum num­ber of box sizes to cov­er the prod­uct range.

Oxford Optron­ix logo design and cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty refresh

Micro­Graphix was approached to cre­ate a refreshed logo and cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty for Oxford Optron­ix, a glob­al pio­neer in the design, devel­op­ment and man­u­fac­ture of sophis­ti­cat­ed instru­men­ta­tion for the life sciences.

The new logo and brand­ing is to be encor­po­rat­ed through­out the com­pa­ny, includ­ing their new re-designed web­site, print­ed lit­er­a­ture and products.

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