Video Production Studio

Video Filming and Editing

Nothing communicates more clearly and strongly than video. Whether it’s the Aha, I get it’ moment of an instructional video to the Wow, I never knew they did all that’ of a corporate film. At MicroGraphix we have the tools and techniques to fit your brief and budget. We can make the impossible possible with green screen, speed up time with time lapse, or even focus on the macro detail in the heart of a glowing hot engine.

We know the importance of having the right tools for the job. So we’ve invested in a two camera setup, radio mic sound recording and a daylight balanced lighting system. We also have camera tracking rails, car turntables and even the latest Ronin three-axis camera stabilisation system.

Our facilities include two studios, so we can run two shoots simultaneously. That’s a major time-saver as we can keep on filming while one set is being readied for the next sequence. The larger space is a 2,000 ft2 drive-in studio with an 11.6‑metre infinity cove and underfloor heating (so you won’t find yourself watching paint dry). Our second studio also has a 6.7m infinity cove.

We can also film on location, as well as produce, edit and distribute the finished video. All under one roof. On brief, on time and on budget.