Video Film­ing and Editing

Noth­ing com­mu­ni­cates more clear­ly and strong­ly than video. Whether it’s the Aha, I get it’ moment of an instruc­tion­al video to the Wow, I nev­er knew they did all that’ of a cor­po­rate film. At Micro­Graphix we have the tools and tech­niques to fit your brief and bud­get. We can make the impos­si­ble pos­si­ble with green screen, speed up time with time lapse, or even focus on the macro detail in the heart of a glow­ing hot engine.

We know the impor­tance of hav­ing the right tools for the job. So we’ve invest­ed in a two cam­era set­up, radio mic sound record­ing and a day­light bal­anced light­ing sys­tem. We also have cam­era track­ing rails, car turnta­bles and even the lat­est Ronin three-axis cam­era sta­bil­i­sa­tion system.

Our facil­i­ties include two stu­dios, so we can run two shoots simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. That’s a major time-saver as we can keep on film­ing while one set is being read­ied for the next sequence. The larg­er space is a 2,000 ft2 dri­ve-in stu­dio with an 11.6‑metre infin­i­ty cove and under­floor heat­ing (so you won’t find your­self watch­ing paint dry). Our sec­ond stu­dio also has a 6.7m infin­i­ty cove.

We can also film on loca­tion, as well as pro­duce, edit and dis­trib­ute the fin­ished video. All under one roof. On brief, on time and on budget.

Examples of our wide variety of Video Production projects:

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