Location Video Production Services

We may have a well-equipped stu­dio with a heat­ed floor, but we’re just as hap­py to take to the road for a loca­tion shoot. It’s a whole new set of chal­lenges but as you can see, we rise to the occasion.

Time­lapse Video

Com­press a day, a week or even a month into a short video sequence. It’s one of the most effec­tive video tools of all, encour­ag­ing repeat view­ing and hold­ing the view­ers’ atten­tion from begin­ning to end.

Location Video Production Services Projects:

Video Pro­duc­tion for Sev­ern Trent Green Power

We pro­duced and edit­ed this online video for a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Sev­ern Trent Green Pow­er and Oxford­shire Recy­cles, to high­light food waste recycling.

Video are one of the most effec­tive means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Video has the pow­er to deliv­er mes­sages in a dynam­ic, con­cise way that sta­t­ic com­mu­ni­ca­tions meth­ods can­not match. The video cre­at­ed for Sev­ern Trent Green pow­er was used for pre­sen­ta­tion pur­pos­es then re-sized for var­i­ous social media platforms

Ban­bury Litho cor­po­rate video production

This cor­po­rate video tells the Ban­bury Litho sto­ry clear­ly, strong­ly and dra­mat­i­cal­ly, demon­strat­ing both the breadth of ser­vices and the scale of the operation.

Short clips and a shal­low depth of field hold the atten­tion through­out a fast-paced web­site video.

Asnew Fur­ni­ture reuphol­ster­ing video production

Shot like a mini-doc­u­men­tary – using black and white to min­imise the visu­al dis­trac­tions of a busy work­shop envi­ron­ment – this video takes the view­er into the metic­u­lous world of the AsNew team.

It’s topped and tailed by a styl­ish room­set before and after’ shot to under­score the transformation.

Zir­cotec process video production

Zir­cotec has devel­oped a range of ultra high per­for­mance plas­ma-sprayed ceram­ic coat­ing to pro­tect com­po­nents from the effects of fire, heat, wear, abra­sion and cor­ro­sion. This video shoot doc­u­ments the Zir­cotec process and it’s applications.

At Micro­Graphix, we love a tech­ni­cal chal­lenge. Show­ing the pro­duc­tion process and real-world use of a heat man­age­ment coat­ing had its challenges…but we can take the heat. Con­trolled use of light­ing focus­es atten­tion on the prod­uct in an oth­er­wise clut­tered indus­tri­al envi­ron­ment while cap­tions under­score the story.

Ter­raFir­ma 4×4 acces­sories video production

Ter­rafir­ma make Land Rover acces­sories for dri­vers who are seri­ous about going off-road.

This prod­uct show­case called for a com­bi­na­tion of approach­es. Stu­dio, to reveal the sus­pen­sion com­po­nents in the most appeal­ing light; and loca­tion, to prove they’re made for action. We used car-mount­ed cam­eras for the loca­tion work to get down and dirty with the vehicles.

Pana­son­ic Tough­book Open­reach case study video production

Filmed in stu­dio and on loca­tion over a four-week peri­od this tes­ti­mo­ni­al for the Pana­son­ic Tough­book is strong, effec­tive video storytelling.

Even though some of the inter­vie­wees were new to video film­ing, we’re proud that we achieved a nat­ur­al, relaxed per­for­mance’ from every­one, from senior man­ag­er to Open­reach engineer.

CP Elec­tron­ics car park ener­gy sav­ing light­ing con­trol video production

Retro-fit pas­sive infra-red sen­sors – PIRs – deliv­er real-world ener­gy sav­ings in a vari­ety of pub­lic and pri­vate spaces.

So we chose a real-world demon­stra­tion, using the car park at Read­ing Sta­tion as our loca­tion. A two-cam­era set up with track­ing rail and stop motion cap­tured the sto­ry and com­mu­ni­cat­ed the benefit.

Sum-It herd man­age­ment soft­ware case study video production

Men­tion soft­ware’ to a typ­i­cal farmer and they’ll recoil in horror.

Our task was to show how the Sum-It Total Dairy soft­ware is sim­ple to use and intu­itive, offer­ing instant access to records with less time spent in the office. For us and our client, the hon­esty of using a real farmer to tell the sto­ry his way was more con­vinc­ing than some smooth-talk­ing actor. Filmed on loca­tion and edit­ed in house.

All­makes Range Rover Vogue acces­sories video production

Stu­dio light­ing can be unfor­giv­ing, so we need­ed to use a lit­tle lat­er­al think­ing for this show­case video.

Nei­ther the acces­sories nor the Range Rover Vogue they were fit­ted to were show­room-fresh – but thanks to low-key light­ing and a shal­low depth of field, you’d nev­er know.

Arden Motor­sport GP2 rac­ing car time lapse video production

Ever won­dered what goes on behind the shut­tered doors of a top motor­sport team?

Thanks to our dig­i­tal time-lapse cam­era and a foot-tap­ping music track you’ll see an entire day’s work at Arden Motor­sport – includ­ing a full rebuild of two GP2 rac­ing cars – unfold in just under two minutes.

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