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If you’re keen to avoid the logistical headache of transporting your people and products to a distant location or don’t have the budget for a location photoshoot, then composite photography is something you should definitely check out. Cost effective and hassle-free, it delivers results of the highest quality.

Composite image creation offers many advantages over conventional photography in circumstances where products or people need to be shown in an environment that is either logistically difficult or expensive to create. Rather than attempt to achieve the desired effect via CGI computer generated models, MicroGraphix combines studio quality photography with stock library imagery to create precise and very convincing composite images.

We achieve the highest quality composite photography by carefully calculating angles using a perspective grid and matching the lighting with the stock image to ensure the subject fits perfectly into it’s surroundings.

Using green-screen techniques we are also able to place transparent objects and people into any scene.

Composite Photography Projects:

Com­pos­ite room­set pho­tog­ra­phy for Ocu­ra Health­care Furniture

Fur­ni­ture room­set image cre­at­ed using just two chairs, shot multiple times in the stu­dio, combined with a​‘CGI’ hospital reception image.

Composite lifestyle product photography for Oxford Optronix

Oxford Optron­ix has been serv­ing life-sci­en­tists with world-class instru­men­ta­tion for over 30 years.

As the com­pa­ny con­tin­ues to grow and inno­vate, they required new product and lifestyle photography to use on their website, and throughout their marketing materials.

Composite image creation for Hitachi Digital Media Group

We’ve put together a video showing the various stages required to create a composite image for Hitachi.

Using expert studio photography of products we can create images that can then be added to any location or environment, to make a composite photograph of both. This saves time and money compared to the expense and logistical headache of transporting products to multiple locations.

Watch the 4K video to see how we are able to add two new televisions to a room image — one on the wall, and another on a TV cabinet.

Client Testimonial

We have used MicroGraphix for creating composite images of products and lifestyle scenes plus creation of new web icons. The work has always been of a really high standard and the team at MicroGraphix have always been accommodating to the business’s changing needs and tastes.

Peter Lawrie, Hitachi UK Hitachi

Composite roomset photography for Ocura Healthcare Furniture

Furniture roomset images created using a combination of MicroGraphix studio photography and stock’ images.

Ocura wanted a hero’ in-situ image for their website and product literature. With the logistics of getting access to an empty hospital room very difficult, we suggested composite photography to create the image.

After a little searching, and with the perfect image found, we then photographed the product in the studio to precisely match the scale, angles, lighting and depth of field. The resulting composite image is now in use in a wide variety of the company’s marketing material.

Studio composite product photography for P2i

Studio shot product photography using green screen techniques to produce a eye-catching composite image.

Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle composite photography

Composite roomset photography for Status Seating

Room set, composite and furniture photography for seating specialists Status Seating.

The complete images were used in producing a multi-page brochure for Status Seating designed by Micrographix.

See finished images in context

Triumph Thunderbird Commander motorcycle composite photography

The Triumph Thunderbird Commander motorcycle was shot in our studios to match the generic background and then comped together with it. The background was generated using a combination of stock library images.

Careful calculation of vanishing points as well as green screen techniques to create transparent fairing screens were used to ensure the bike was at one with its background.

Triumph Tiger composite lifestyle photography

This image was created using a combination of MicroGraphix studio photography and stock’ landscape images. The composite image was created to promote the Triumph Tiger accessory range.

Every bike in the Tiger family is born with the true spirit of adventure. It’s been in their bloodline ever since the very first Triumph Tigers won three gold medals in the 1936 International Six Days Trial, and this started the first chapter of the world’s longest-running adventure motorbike story.

MicroGraphix has been pleased to be associated with Triumph Motorcycles since 2007.

Composite product photography for CP Electronics

Photographed in our studio and composited in-house, this image was created in collaboration with our design team for use in print and online.

Imotech Medical composite photography

The model was photographed in our studio and composited with a stock’ image. The composite was created in collaboration with our design team for use as a front cover for a medical supplies catalogue.

Composite roomset photography for DRAKS

Roomset, composite photography for wardrobe door specialists DRAKS.

The wardrobe doors were shot in our studios to match the chosen stock images and then carefully comped together, for use in print and online.

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