Composite Photography

If you’re keen to avoid the logistical headache of transporting your people and products to a distant location or don’t have the budget for a location photoshoot, then composite photography is something you should definitely check out. Cost effective and hassle-free, it delivers results of the highest quality.

Composite image creation offers many advantages over conventional photography in circumstances where products or people need to be shown in an environment that is either logistically difficult or expensive to create. Rather than attempt to achieve the desired effect via CGI computer generated models, MicroGraphix combines studio quality photography with stock library imagery to create precise and very convincing composite images.

We achieve the highest quality composite photography by carefully calculating angles using a perspective grid and matching the lighting with the stock image to ensure the subject fits perfectly into it’s surroundings.

Using green-screen techniques we are also able to place transparent objects and people into any scene.

Composite Photography Projects:

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