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Our photographers have captured images for big-name brands like Hoover, Dwell, Ercol, Zanussi, Homebase and many smaller businesses that want to show their company’s and product’s heart and soul through their photography.

Marketers understand that a brand’s visual assets are important in helping ensure potential customers form a positive first impression, and engage with their products or services. 

Photography forms a key part of this and it is important that every aspect of a photograph is as perfect as possible, reflects the brand and encourages the target market to engage. 

In many industries, particularly the furniture industry, room set photography is key to creating aspirational images. By presenting a product in a lifestyle environment it is much more likely to appeal to a consumer. 

Finding the perfect setting to capture an image can be a challenge. Location photography can be time consuming to arrange, expensive and often difficult to achieve. For many projects the most effective and efficient way to achieve the best result is to use studio photography. 

There are many advantages of studio room set photography, here are some of the key plus-points: 

1. A more efficient photo-shoot

A photography studio that has the capability to build room sets has all the props, lighting, camera and computer equipment required on-site and close to hand. Carrying out a shoot in the studio saves travelling and the often logistical nightmare of bringing everything together at an off-site location. Additionally, high powered computers and colour calibrated monitors cannot be easily transported. But if the shoot is carried out in the studio it is often possible to carry out post-production work whilst the shoot is taking place. This supports a more fluid, efficient operation, saving time and money. 

2. Create the perfect setting

Creating the set from scratch means you can build the set around the subject. Proportions of the room can be tailored to the subject to ensure the image does not look cluttered, or overly sparse. 

Every aspect of the set can be tailored to suit the lifestyle required, from colour schemes, decoration and flooring, to lighting and mood. 

3. Control the lighting

Carrying out room set photography within a studio enables photographers to fully control the lighting of the set. Lighting can be directed from above, through a window or door, or from any direction to help create imagery that focuses on the product or subject to best effect. Equally the final image is not affected by the the weather! A cloudy day or bright sunlight can dramatically effect a room set image when it is shot on location. 

4. Consistency

As the photographer can control the lighting within the studio, even images shot many months apart can be recreated. So when new or extended product ranges are introduced imagery can be matched to ensure consistency. 

5. Space

Often when shooting on location photographers are restricted by the size of a room and often find there is not enough space to set up equipment and step back to take photos from the required distance. This can hamper the quality of the final image. 

Within the studio, photographers have the space required to be further away from the subject, enabling the use of a long lens to eliminate distortion or bowing of the images. 

6. Logistics

Studio photography solves a lot of the logistical problems that can arise when shooting on location. Drive in studios are particularly useful as it allows products to be loaded and unloaded with ease. Many locations require the removal and replacement of existing furniture, with clients liable for any damage or breakages. 

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