Studio Video Production

Our video production studio is the perfect place to produce product, training and promotional films.

The studio has been used to produce a wide range of videos including:

Product sales videos

A MicroGraphix video can be a virtual showroom for your products, to be viewed on anything from a smartphone to a large-screen monitor. Carefully lit and directed, our videos ensure the product is the star of the show.

How to videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is even more useful. Nothing shows how to’ more clearly than a step by step video showing each stage in the process. And an online instruction video can be more cost-effective and easily updated than a printed manual, too.

Green screen videos

Green screen puts a world of possibilities within your grasp. Bring your project to our Bicester studios, and within hours your products can be on a Caribbean beach, under a tropical waterfall or even the fast lane of a motorway…the only limit is your imagination.

Studio Video Production Projects:

Instructional video for Autologic

This instructional video shot in our video production studio provides an easy-to-use visual guide for the first time user of the product.

It walks the user through every stage of product set-up, including a review of the hardware and supplied accessories, and how to make the initial connections. 

Followed by a step-by-step guide to operation of the software including connecting to a wireless network, software updates, and then selection of the different settings and options, using close-ups, graphics and a real-time video demonstration of the unit operation.

A clear, professional voice-over accompanies every stage of process providing guidance and clarity.

ISIS Concepts promotional video production

Isis Concepts approached MicroGraphix to create a lively and engaging video for their range of educational furniture.

They say never work with children or animals…but our extras performed like true professionals for this HD video showing the products in use. Each product was also photographed for website and print use. Our video production studio with its underfloor heating is ideal for shoots involving models.

Ford Saxon restoration video production

A set within a set and some cool sixties jazz created the mood for this video of the unique Ford Saxon, re-created in the 21st century from 1960s photography. Every detail of the meticulous restoration is captured for the magazine’s online feature.

Redcop video production for Redvision

Time lapse video showing the set-up procedure for the Redvision RedCop — rapid deployment CCTV system.

The RedCop system with its 6 metre telescopic tower was easily accommodated in our video production studio.

Adlens Hemisphere product demo video production

What better way to show a vision-based product than with video?

Adlens adjustable focus eyewear enables the user to adjust focus instantly and simply from close range to distance work. Shot entirely in our video production studio with simple studio sets representing opticians shop, home, and work environments conveyed the product’s key benefits. All editing and voice-over work produced in-house.

Pulley Maid installation guide video production

Proof that one video is worth a thousand confusing instruction diagrams!

We built a simple set as a cutaway of a ceiling and showed how to fit and assemble the Pulleymaid dryer, overcoming a typical barrier to sale.

P2i green screen demo video production

Green Screen video opens up a whole new world of creativity, yet it doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive process.

This simple demonstration video unpicks the technique with some additional refinements, including slow motion and ramped slow motion.

Reflok cordless handheld toolkit video production

User demonstration videos are a MicroGraphix speciality.

For Reflok, we were tasked with showing the cordless handheld VRF connection toolkit in action – especially the way it allows one user to make a connection. For the target audience, who often need to work high up or in a confined space, that’s a major benefit. With this kind of video, a distracting soundtrack or fast-paced editing style would be counterproductive. Clarity is all.

Rhubarb Solutions — Mata Chair product video production

That Mata chair, it’s pretty tough’ said the client. How tough, we asked. You could drive a car over it,’ came the confident reply. So we did…

Product instructional videos for EGO

Instructional product videos to demonstrate various service and maintenance procedures for EGO.

EGO needed a series of instructional videos to demonstrate various service and maintenance procedures for their products. Using multiple camera angles, close-ups and overlay graphics we produced a series of videos that customers can easily access online.

Genie Bio Clean Fogging System video production

Genie Bio clean is a simple, effective touchless’ cleaning system that can treat any enclosed space and kill 99.999% of disease-carrying pathogens.

Our challenge was to show the near-invisible fine mist of cleaning solution. It’s the sort of lighting challenge we love.

How to dress a fridge time lapse video

Time lapse video to demonstrate the procedure for displaying chilled food stock in-store for Kerry Foods.

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