Catalogue and brochure production for JMT

Database driven catalogue and brochure production for JMT's 800 item strong range

A long standing customer of MicroGraphix, JMT has been providing high quality designer furniture to the UK and Europe’s leading exhibitions and events for over 25 years. As part of their ‘Mission POSSIBLE’ re-launch, JMT asked MicroGraphix to implement a rebrand of marketing and communications materials that would align the brand across Europe and sharpen focus on the company’s reputation for service and innovation.

At MicroGraphix our first step is to always take the time to fully understand our client’s products and objectives. After working closely with JMT on the detailed brief our creative team set to work, delivering on a comprehensive list of requirements including: photography, data management, graphic design, artworking and print management.

In the final analysis we shot over 700 images and produced their ‘Design Guide’, a 132 book bound ‘coffee table’ catalogue for VIP clients, a ‘Budget Guide’, a 24 page stitched pricing catalogue and their ‘Product Guide’ an 8 page roll fold overview brochure.

In all, it took MicroGraphix 3 months start to finish to deliver. We were delighted to help JMT with their re-brand materials. As you can see from the company’s website, they were just as delighted with the results!  Link to JMT news article.

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