New busi­ness dig­i­tal essentials

Start­ing a new busi­ness can be an excit­ing and reward­ing expe­ri­ence. Set­ting up your dig­i­tal pres­ence prop­er­ly will go a long way to ensur­ing that you hit the ground run­ning and have the build­ing blocks to give your busi­ness the best start possible.

In addi­tion to giv­ing your busi­ness the best start, get­ting the fun­da­men­tals cor­rect­ly in place from the out­set will save you time and mon­ey in the future! 

This guide will help nav­i­gate you through the process of ensur­ing your dig­i­tal pres­ence is right for your busi­ness in the short term and long into the future. 

Domain name pur­chas­ing and management

Your domain name is the gate­way to your dig­i­tal pres­ence. We reg­is­ter domain names for clients in their own accounts with a reli­able inde­pen­dent domain name host­ing provider. We rec­om­mend this approach to ensure your busi­ness is not tied to any par­tic­u­lar plat­form going for­ward and the DNS (Domain Name Sys­tem) set­tings are eas­i­ly acces­si­ble. Addi­tion­al ben­e­fits include Micro­Graphix assis­tance with future domain name pur­chas­es and renewals, as well as easy access in the event that dis­as­ter recov­ery is required. 

We advise pur­chas­ing the .co​.uk and .com ver­sions of the name required. It is wide­ly acknowl­edged that domains such as .online, .com­pa­ny etc. are not trust­ed by the pub­lic so we would not rec­om­mend the pur­chase of these. We would also not rec­om­mend .uk​.com as it is owned by an inde­pen­dent com­pa­ny and could be less reli­able and sub­ject to high­er renew­al costs in the future. 

Busi­ness email hosting

There’s noth­ing that says sole trad­er or new busi­ness more than a gener­ic email address e.g. name@​btinternet.​com, Gmail etc. Micro­Graphix is a dig­i­tal agency part­ner of Rack­space (a lead­ing world­wide provider of email, Microsoft 365 and web­site host­ing solu­tions). Via Rack­space, we are able to pro­vide pro­fes­sion­al, reli­able email solu­tions. Togeth­er with the pur­chase and man­age­ment of your domain, we are able to assist with the set­up and imple­men­ta­tion of all your email requirements. 

Web­site design, devel­op­ment and hosting

Your web­site can help you find new cus­tomers and reas­sure those try­ing to find out more about you. In both cas­es your web­site will be your cus­tomers first inter­ac­tion with your busi­ness. It will deter­mine how they per­ceive you, your prod­ucts and your brand. 70 – 80% of peo­ple research a small busi­ness­es online before engag­ing with them. When a poten­tial cus­tomer does vis­it your site, you have rough­ly eight sec­onds to make a good impres­sion. For small busi­ness­es, web design can make a big difference.

Our in-house team of web design­ers and web devel­op­ers will help you choose the right plat­form, cre­ate a web­site design that serves your busi­ness goals and ensure your web­site is host­ed in a secure and per­for­mant environment.

If you are plan­ning a new busi­ness and would like to dis­cuss your needs please do not hes­i­tate to be in touch.

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