Bespoke Branded Cardboard Boxes

Brand consistency is important across all touchpoints. This includes how your product is packaged ready for transportation when your client purchases goods.

Well designed branded packaging communicates information, promotes brand awareness and protects your product from damage.

We specialise in designing and producing various branded packaging solutions to best suit your product, store or company. One popular service we offer in this area is the design and production of branded cardboard boxes tailored for individual products. Our team of designers are experienced in creating boxes that both enhance your brand and ensure the safe transportation of your product. One example is the packaging solutions we produce for our client Teknos, a global company which distributes a wide range of paints and coatings. The business suffered from significant loss of revenue due to customer returns because paint tins were damaged in transit. The company asked us if we could help and we created a bespoke cardboard box which securely held the tins in place and promoted Teknos’s branding. We soon produced a variety of boxes to enable shipping of different sizes and quantities of products.

The money lost on customer returns reduced significantly and within 12 months Teknos had covered the cost of the investment with the savings it made by avoiding returns. The company is now rolling our branded cardboard box solution out globally. If you would like to discuss having a cardboard box produced that is tailored to your business and products contact us via 01869 250 806 or

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