Website design and data management for CP Electronics

Much more than a simple website design the CP Electronics project is the culmination of months of planning and data management.

A long-standing and valued client who embrace innovative technologies to design and deliver energy-saving controls, CP Electronics approached MicroGraphix with a request to build a bespoke content management system that would provide their staff and customers with quick access to product information and technical support.

The scale and complexity of information involved (180 categories of products and sub products) demanded the highest levels of accuracy from our in house team, from early architecture planning through to database management and website development.

Project complete, we are proud of the results. CP Electronics now have a unique content management system that looks great, offers excellent functionality and is easily maintained. It encompasses User Management, News & Projects, Stockist Finder (UK & International) and a Support Services section (including software downloads, user guide search and energy savings calculator).

The system also manages over 300 pdfs; automatically generates part code descriptions and provides a complete set of technical data for each part, allowing automatic production of literature via the Easycatalog Indesign plugin.

We’ve been working with MicroGraphix since 2007 and needless to say every area of the team, from graphic design and photography, to digital media has delivered the goods time and again. Out-of-the-box thinking, real world practicality, uniqueness and attention to detail are always brought to the table.

Mike Brooks, Marketing Manager CP Electronics
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