Cooper Callas Kitchen Collection catalogue design

Design and production of a Kitchen Collection catalogue for Cooper Callas. The project included print management.

MicroGraphix has designed and printed a 152-page, catalogue for Cooper Callas, using Adobe® InDesign® and InDesign® plugin ‘EasyCatalog’.

MicroGraphix designed a Google sheets spreadsheet to accommodate Cooper Callas’ product information. The sheet links directly into the EasyCatalog publishing package. The product data is then flowed automatically into linked formatted templates in the new catalogue design. Errors are reduced, because text is not re-entered or re-written, and consistency is increased across all marketing collateral and communications. 

EasyCatalog retains digital links to the original database so that product updates, additions and deletions are managed automatically. This massively reduces the production time for subsequent catalogue editions and print runs. In addition, errors spotted during the catalogue production process can be corrected in EasyCatalog and fed back into the original database.

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