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We have been catalogue designers for over 23 years. Our integrated design and photographic studios and streamlined workflow, developed through years of experience, are perfect for producing award-winning catalogue designs.

Our state-of-the-art photographic studios house three high quality, flexible digital camera systems allowing for highly productive multiple shoots where required. Our in-house photographers work in collaboration with a design studio team of award winning creative directors, graphic designers and art workers all with many years of catalogue design experience.

Using specialist software we are able to create and design catalogues using cloud based product spreadsheets that you can easily manage. This results in a fast, efficient and accurate catalogue design and production process. As an added benefit, this process also reduces errors and improves consistency, as the information is stored and managed in a single source. And, not only does the initial design process become much more efficient, but so does updating and reprinting your catalogue.

We specialise in producing catalogues for companies requiring high-end photography and design – catalogue designs that require thought and care to produce. Our policy is to take the time to understand your company’s products, business and target market to ensure the success of the project. The projects below represent some of our latest work ranging from eight to 400+ pages.

How to produce a catalogue efficiently

Catalogue design and production can be a complex undertaking requiring excellent project management skills, graphic design expertise and forensic attention to detail.

Planning and budgeting

First and foremost a catalogue must provide its reader with the information they are seeking, it sounds obvious, however, it is very easy to miss adding that crucial bit of information in the product record.

For this reason, we would suggest that the first part of the catalogue workflow process should involve researching your target audience to ascertain exactly what it is they need and what is of value to them.

The goal then is to develop a design and content plan that best meets the reader’s requirements within the available budget.

To help define this and estimate costs we would consider how much space per product is required, we would experiment with layouts to arrive at that sweet spot between aesthetics, readability and production costs. This will help produce a pagination (an outline of what’s on each page of the catalogue) and determine the extent (number of pages) of the catalogue.

It would be at this time that we would also consider navigation (category structure, contents, index, stopper pages) and additional content such as a technical area or new product showcase.

Gathering and organising data

Once the information required has been established it’s time to gather the assets required (data, copy, illustration and imagery). If the data isn’t already available in a database or spreadsheet form we would highly recommend organising it in this way. It has three main advantages: 1. Consistency of presentation, if data is entered into a spreadsheet is is far easier to ensure consistency of style and format. 2. Missing or incorrectly entered data is easier to spot. 3. Once complete the data can be linked to InDesign to allow automated catalogue production.

Building and artworking

Using software that interfaces between a database and InDesign (our catalogue design software) it is possible to build pages much more efficiently and accurately. If the catalogue is of a larger size and is of a reoccurring nature we would highly recommend this approach.

Once the data has been flowed in it is linked with the source data so not only is it much faster to build the catalogue, but it is also much easier to edit / amend and is free of and cut and paste errors.

In addition, if the data source is cloud-based multiple editors can review and amend the source data which can then be simply synced with the InDesign document.

Proofing and preparing for print

Once the catalogue has been completed it is time for checking and proofing. There are many systems available to allow collaborative proofing including Adobe Acrobat and ‘goproof’. If this is not required email proofing using Acrobat is simple and cost effective. Many people however find it difficult to proof documents onscreen, if you are one of them ask your designer if printed proofs are available. We also like to make a mock-up to get an accurate feel of the finished document.

Collecting the document for print

Although InDesign will highlight low resolution or RGB files within the document as it is being created we would recommend that a pre-flight check is carried out to make sure all files and elements are suitable for print. Most printers these days prefer to receive print ready PDF files. It is important to liaise with your printer to obtain the correct settings and colour sync profile prior to creating the file.

Checking printers proofs

Once the printer has received your file it will be run through a raster image processor (RIP) to create printers proofs and ultimately the plates for the printing press. The printers proofs can be made available online or printed for the client to check. To ensure all content is present we use a traditional proofers trick of overlaying our printed copy on top of the printers proofs and peeling the top copy backwards and forwards, our eyes then pick up any differences easily.

Press passing

These days with very reliable pre-press systems and colour sync profiles press passing is very rarely necessary. However if the catalogue contains colour critical items such as clothing it can be useful to visit the printers with swatches of material and adjust the press to get the best possible colour reproduction.


Designing and producing a catalogue can seem daunting, however with proper planning, careful project management and a sprinkling of magical graphic design dust it doesn’t need to be.

Catalogue Design from Oxfordshire's most experienced Catalogue Designers Projects:

Quick Guide Projector Catalogue for Hitachi

The production of Hitachi Digital Media Group’s new projector catalogue using ‘EasyCatalog’ database publishing software.

MicroGraphix has designed and printed a 38-page, quick-guide catalogue for Hitachi Digital Media Group’s (DMG) professional projector range, using Adobe® InDesign® and InDesign® plugin ‘EasyCatalog’.

Hitachi DMG is responsible for supplying Hitachi TVs, projectors, interactive flat panels, security solutions, soundbars and digital receivers to professional customers across Europe. Hitachi DMG is part of Hitachi Europe Ltd and has pioneered game-changing, industry advances in projector technology for corporate, education and large venue markets. MicroGraphix was pleased to produce Hitachi DMG’s new catalogue, utilising all the benefits of advanced, database, publishing software.

MicroGraphix designed a Google sheets spreadsheet to accommodate Hitachi’s product information. The sheet links directly into the EasyCatalog publishing package. The product data is then flowed automatically into linked formatted templates in the new catalogue design. Errors are reduced, because text is not re-entered or re-written, and consistency is increased across all marketing collateral and communications.

EasyCatalog retains digital links to the original database so that product updates, additions and deletions are managed automatically. This massively reduces the production time for subsequent catalogue editions and print runs. In addition, errors spotted during the catalogue production process can be corrected in EasyCatalog and fed back into the original database.

A range of feature icons, for simple product referencing and comparison, was also introduced during the process.

MicroGraphix produced the initial catalogue in English, followed by a German version. EasyCatalog is ideal for multi-lingual applications because the visual elements of a catalogue remain identical, whilst only the language part is changed.

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Catalogue and Brochure Production for JMT

Database driven catalogue and brochure production for JMT’s 800 item strong range

A long standing customer of MicroGraphix, JMT has been providing high quality designer furniture to the UK and Europe’s leading exhibitions and events for over 25 years. As part of their ‘Mission POSSIBLE’ re-launch, JMT UK asked MicroGraphix to implement a rebrand of their marketing and communications materials that would align them with the European group businesses.

At MicroGraphix our first step is to always to take the time to fully understand our client’s products and objectives. After working closely with JMT on the detailed brief our creative team set to work, delivering on a comprehensive list of requirements including: photography, data management, graphic design, artworking and print management.

In the final analysis we shot over 700 images and produced their ‘Design Guide’, a 132 book bound ‘coffee table’ catalogue for VIP clients, a ‘Budget Guide’, a 24 page stitched pricing catalogue and their ‘Product Guide’ an 8 page roll fold overview brochure.

In all, it took MicroGraphix 3 months start to finish to deliver. We were delighted to help JMT with their re-brand materials. As you can see from the company’s website, they were just as delighted with the results!

OES Calculators

Catalogue design and production for Oxford Educational Supplies

MicroGraphix design and produce a catalogue for Oxford Educational Supplies bi-annually.

Oxford Educational Supplies are the UK’s leading supplier of calculators to the education sector. It is the leading marketing and distribution company for Casio calculators.

For its latest edition of its catalogue Oxford Educational Supplies asked MicroGraphix to enhance the presentation of the Casio products. This was part of a wider project we helped Oxford Educational Supplies with to better portray the strengths of the product and communicate its qualities to its customers.

To achieve this in the product catalogue we created a series of ‘hero’ photographs for each product to appear as the lead item on each page. This enhanced the appearance of the calculator, helped communicate the key aspects of the products and increased the desirability of each piece.

We combined the new photography with design and art working techniques to create the 14-page catalogue. The catalogue also included an extra roll fold out page. We used InDesign in combination with PhotoShop for graphic design, page make-up and image editing during this project.

The Oxford Educational Supplies catalogue generates a large volume of direct sales orders and lead generation ahead of new school terms and examinations. Therefore, eye-catching design, exacting attention to detail and clear messaging are to the success of Oxford Educational Supplies.

If you require a catalogue to be designed and produced for your organisation, we would be happy to help.

Client Testimonial

The new catalogues look absolutely stunning! Thank you for both of your efforts in producing this masterpiece! If it is a fraction as successful commercially as it is impressive aesthetically it will be a great job all around.

Christopher T. Poole, Managing Director, Oxford Educational Supplies Oxford Educational Supplies

Aquilant Healthcare

Design and production of a 64 page catalogue. The project included print management.

Aquilant is a leading provider of specialist healthcare and scientific products and services to the health and medical sector.

MicroGraphix were engaged to design and produce a 64-page product catalogue that focused on accessories for endoscopies. We managed the entire catalogue design process from concepts through to page composition and printing. We ensured the product catalogue design followed brand guidelines, was practical, appealing and easy to digest.

Aquilant generate a large share of its sales leads from its product catalogues. Therefore, attention grabbing design, clear lay-out and accuracy is vital to its success.

If you require a catalogue designed and produced for your organisation, we would be happy to help.

CP Electronics Catalogue

Catalogue production for CP Electronics including automated order code section using EasyCatalog software.

MicroGraphix has designed and printed a 132-page for CP Electronics standalone presence detectors range, using Adobe® InDesign® and InDesign® plugin ‘EasyCatalog’.

MicroGraphix designed a Google sheets spreadsheet to accommodate CP Electronics’ product information. The sheet links directly into the EasyCatalog publishing package. The product data is then flowed automatically into linked formatted templates in the new catalogue design. Errors are reduced, because text is not re-entered or re-written, and consistency is increased across all marketing collateral and communications.

EasyCatalog retains digital links to the original database so that product updates, additions and deletions are managed automatically. This massively reduces the production time for subsequent catalogue editions and print runs. In addition, errors spotted during the catalogue production process can be corrected in EasyCatalog and fed back into the original database.

All the product images were shot in-house in our photography studio and we also managed the print and delivery for this project.

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Rhubarb Solutions Price Guide

MicroGraphix has designed and produced the annual price guide catalogue for Rhubarb Solutions since 2011.

Rhubarb Solutions is a UK manufacturer of high-quality chairs and soft seating dedicated to creating seating for every environment. MicroGraphix ensures that each time we produce a price guide or Rhubarb Solutions it is practical, well laid-out and easy to digest.

We used InDesign in combination with EasyCatalog for graphic design and page make-up during this project.

Furthermore, we saved Rhubarb Solutions time and money by using the EasyCatalog software that makes the annual process of updating prices and design details much more efficient. The software interfaces between a database and InDesign enabling a smoother and more accurate build of pages.

In practical terms it means a catalogue can be created quicker, as it reduces the need to input prices and product specifications into the document manually. Since investing in the software, we have produced the Rhubarb Solutions price guide catalogue in almost half the time. Once the catalogue was designed, we completed a stringent editing and proof-reading process to ensure the final product was perfect.

If you require a catalogue to be designed and produced for your organisation, we would be happy to help.

Chiltern Leisure 2019 Cricket Catalogue Production

MicroGraphix were delighted to be asked to produce Chiltern Leisure’s cricket catalogue for the 5th time.

MicroGraphix has worked with Chiltern Leisure since it launched its business almost ten years ago. Prior to that, the owner had worked with MicroGraphix on a range of mail order catalogues in the education sector.

Chiltern Leisure provides personalised garments to state and independent schools, universities, sports clubs and companies with school-wear, sportswear, teamwear, workwear and corporate wear. Chiltern’s wide-ranging customer base includes many global IT brands, motor racing teams, overseas sports tours, retailers, regional football teams, construction companies, and corporate events.

MicroGraphix designs Chiltern Leisure’s mail order direct response cricket catalogue for its database of schools, universities and sports clubs. We produce the 32-page catalogue annually and our work always reflects the company’s overall creative and production brief. This gives us a thorough understanding of the requirements and of how the company wants to be portrayed.

For Chiltern Leisure we work to a catalogue pagination and create the catalogue ‘blueprint’. We use InDesign for graphic design and page make-up and Photoshop for image manipulation.

The Chiltern Leisure Cricket catalogue generates the bulk of its direct orders and lead generation. Therefore, impactful design, attention to detail and balance throughout the catalogue is paramount.

If you require a catalogue designed and produced for your business, we would be happy to help.

Client Testimonial

MicroGraphix always move heaven and earth for us and have never let us down. They re-fresh and produce our multiple catalogues every year and each time they get better and better. The team are exceptionally talented and are always at the forefront of best practice and new technology. Furthermore, they really care, we view them as an extension of our marketing department and a true partner of Chiltern Leisure.

Simon Lambourne, Director, Chiltern Leisure Chiltern Leisure
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Luxury Bathroom Furniture

The brief was to create an identity and catalogue to reflect the quality and style of a brand new range of bathroom furniture brought to the UK by Cooper Callas.

Moss Express Multi Language POS

Photography, design and production of a 68 page catalogue for Moss Express in multiple languages. The project included print management.

Suzuki Motorcycles Clothing and Accessories

Photography, design and production of Suzuki Clothing and Accessories catalogue. The project included print management.

SUZUKI motorcycles and more recently cars and ATVs have been in the UK since 1963. In 2006 SUZUKI moved to Milton Keynes, shortly afterwards we were chosen to produce their clothing and accessories catalogue design.  The 56 page catalogue design strictly adhered to corporate guidelines to ensure it fitted into the existing range of available catalogues. Photography and print management was also carried out by us to ensure a painless end to end service.

Kemppi Welding Equipment

Photography, image manipulation, design and production of a 52 page catalogue.

Kemppi, is a Finnish company, founded in 1949. The company is a manufacturer of high quality welding equipment. The company has subsidiaries in 13 countries and sales offices and retailers in over 70.

MicroGraphix were very pleased to be asked to produce their product catalogue design.  A challenge due to the differing scale of the product range and technical information required. After experimenting with layouts a solution was found that was both aesthetically pleasing and informative and rolled out for the range.

Triumph Motorcycles Accessories

Photography, design and production of 72 page accessories product catalogue.

Triumph Motorcycles are an iconic brand with a long and distinguished heritage.  Today the brand celebrates its past whilst embracing the future through design, engineering and a passion for riding.

Personalisation is an increasing aspect of motorcycle ownership, Triumph satisfies the demand with a huge range of motorcycle accessories and rider clothing.  MicroGraphix has been working with Triumph since 2007 producing brochure designs, advertisements and photography.

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