1962 Triumph Herald classic car studio photography

This a 1962 Triumph Herald 1200 Coupe was bought new by Ben’s godmother. She owned it for about 20 years. Ben was interested in cars from an early age, and she decided that she’d give it to Ben for his 17th birthday. Unfortunately, she lost her sight when he was 7, and thought that keeping the car for ten years was impractical so she sold it. She later told Ben that she regretted that. She died in 2001.

Ben started looking for the car in 2004, and found it - still owned by the guy who bought it from his Godmother. Better still, that guy was John Kipping, of John Kipping Triumph Spares, and one of the world’s leading authorities on Triumph cars. The bad news was that he’d emigrated to New Zealand and taken the car with him. Ben persuaded John to part with the car. It landed back in the UK in 2006, and sat for a few years. It was finally fully restored at Canley Classics (who had done a partial resto in the late 1980s), it’s currently being shipped to the USA, (April 2017) where Ben lives with his family in Upstate New York.

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