GDPR - five reasons to be cheerful!

Many commentators have voiced concerns about the negative impact changes to data protection laws could have on businesses, when GDPR come into force in on May 25th.

At MicroGraphix we see it as a positive opportunity for businesses to engage, enhance trust and improve relationships with clients.

Here are five key areas in which GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) can enhance your business and some simple steps to follow to use the changes positively:

  1. Stronger relationships: A lack of clarity over how customer’s data will be used is a common reason why people are often reluctant to provide their personal details. This should change under GDPR and enable businesses to be more open about how data is used and enhance relationships. The introduction of GDPR is an opportunity to reconnect with customers and remind them of your services.
  2. Build trust: You will have to examine your database to make sure you only have and use data that is accurate, up to date and relevant. When you contact your customers make the message in any communication about GDPR a positive one. Let them know you respect their privacy and value the relationship.
  3. Clearer communication: A smaller mailing list of meaningful contacts is much better than a long list of random email addresses.
  4. Engaged Customers: If customers have given permission for you to use their data in line with GDPR they are more likely to engage, providing you with a list of ready-qualified opportunities. With the right engagement this should increase ROI for your marketing campaigns.
  5. Demonstrate professionalism: Being proactive and clear about GDPR will show everyone you do business with that you are a professional and responsible organisation that takes its role as a data custodian seriously. This will reassure customers that you are good to do business with.

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